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Affordable Housing

Minneapolis is a beautiful city;  A city full of opportunity.  But for far too many in our city, something as fundamental as a place to call home is hard to obtain.  My vision is to help facilitate the development of affordable housing by working closely with non-profit organizations .  In a city as wealthy as ours, no one should have to sleep on the streets.  I plan to work with non-profits, church leaders and others who can come together to make our city a place where everyone can have a home.

Minneapolis has hundreds of vacant lots. We need to work as a community to turn these into low income housing for those who are in need. If we gave all of our city owned vacant lots to non-profits and developers, the city would no longer have to maintain the empty lots, which would save the city 80 dollars per lot per month. Not only would there be new housing options for the people of Minneapolis, but also the city would save money every year.

For the last ten years, Minneapolis has has  a goal to end homelessness. During that time, the number of homeless individuals has increased. It is time that we start using our resources more effectively and finally do what Minneapolis set out to do ten years ago, end homelessness.

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